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Automotive Window Tinting

When selecting window film for your vehicle, you want the right option, choose Suntek Window Films to provide ultimate performance. From reducing fuel consumption to a safer anti-glare view, you will enjoy the improved experience.
Our films are non-conductive so no interruption with cell phones, GPS systems, am radio transmissions, diversified FM antenna systems, keyless entry devices, remote starts, pressure sensors, and much more.

Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause damage to a car’s interior and human skin.
Our films form a barrier that blocks 99% of UV rays. UV rays have been associated with skin cancer. Remember that the best film installed improperly will likely not live up to the customers’ expectations. The quality of any job depends on the pride and skill of the craftsman.



Suntek Window Films


Standard- Starting at $200. Click for Specifications.

Carbon- Starting at $300. Click for Specifications.

CXP- Starting at $400. Click for Specifications.


Dyed Construction

The Standard line of window films offers both high quality and good protection. Other features and benefits include:

-A dyed-charcoal construction
-A non-reflective interior and exterior appearance
-Good heat, glare, and UV rejection
-Excellent optical clarity
-Three-year Manufacturer's Warranty



Non-Metal, Non-Fading, Carbon Construction

SunTek's Carbon line provides superior results for dealers looking for quality and performance. Other features and benefits include:

-A proprietary construction that utilizes unique and innovative
-Carbon technology
-Non-reflective, black finish that will not fade
-Great solar performance with advanced UV protection
-No metal layers that can cause interference with cell phone, radio,
or navigation system signals on high-end vehicles
-Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty, that includes fading


Non-Metal, Nano-Hybrid, Carbon Construction

The most high-tech accessory on your car has no moving parts. CarbonXP, a next generation window film, gives dealers the opportunity to offer their customers enhanced performance for high-end applications. Other features and benefits include:

-The latest in non-metal, nano-hybrid, Carbon technology
-Non-reflective, black finish that will not fade
-Superior heat, infrared, and UV rejection for increased comfort
-Signal enabling technology that causes no interference with cell
phone, radio, or navigation system signals
-Lifetime Manufacturer's warranty, that includes fading

Our Unique Installation

Car window tinting Window Tinting for my car We take door panels off on most vehicles to get past the second weather strop. This is the only way to ensure a correct installation.
Automotive Window tinting Belleville Illinois Window tinting We take the glass completely out on certain vehicles. This gives a professional look without leaving gaps.
Wrong Way Correct Way  

Before After

Notice the picture on the left, this is before we applied Suntek Window Films. The picture on the right shows the difference, Suntek Window Films provides protection from the sun without requiring a dark tint on your windows.

This state-of-the-art technology is umatched by any other window film manufacturer and is factory guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle.

  • National manufacturer's lifetime warranty
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Maximum ultraviolet protection
  • High Performance
  • High Visibility
  • Low reflectivity
  • High level of heat reduction
  • Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
Window Tinting Belleville

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